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Commission From Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing like smm ads agency is a business model for earning commissions by promoting other people’s products. For example, when you are going to buy a laptop, but you don’t know what brand is good. Then you search Googe, for example using the keyword “selling the best laptop 2021”. Then, you will read one of the blogs or watch a video that appears on the search page. Usually, a blogger or YouTuber will review and provide a link (referral code) to visit the laptop purchase page. If you make a purchase based on the link provided by the blogger or YouTuber, they will get a commission from the laptop seller.

Based on the example above, as a provider of laptops (products), it is called “The Merchant”, while the affiliate marketer is called “Affiliate Marketer”. Of course, as an affiliate marketer, you must be able to create interesting content so that other people are interested in the products you are promoting. The first thing you need to do is to make a list of affiliate programs. Before doing affiliate marketing, you must first register with a company that provides an affiliate program. Several well-known companies carry out this program, such as Amazon, eBay, or Clickbank. Next, you will need to promote the product. After completing the registration process, you promote the product on your blog, youtube, or other social media. Don’t forget to include the referral code in your promotional content. A referral code is obtained when you register an affiliate in a company.

Then after promoting a product, many people (potential clients) are interested and make purchases using the referral code that you are promoting. Then, you will get a commission. After that, you will get a commission from the company if someone purchases your referral code. Each company will provide a different commission to the affiliate marketer. Therefore, before registering, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions that have been set.